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Thank You! Thank You!

There were close to 40,000 in circulation (20 or more of which are in my apartment, 1 in my car, 5 at my parent’s house, 2 at my desk, 1 to be framed, 2 to send in the mail, 1 […]

“Winter is the time for comfort…it is the time for home.”  – Edith Sitwell Snowflakes.  Hot cider.  Railroad insulator glass jars illuminated by holiday lights.  Corn husk angels.  Gaudy old ornaments from great aunts mixed with falling apart crafted ornaments […]

Paint, Repeat, Paint, Repeat.

  Satisfaction can be a difficult goal to obtain or achieve.  But, must pleasure, happiness, and gratitude arise while forming a painting and upon the finishing of such work?  May there be artworks, which press you to frustration, boredom, self-doubt, […]

Here we go again

I can paint: birds, people, landscapes, abstract marks, and animals with acrylic, ink, watercolor, and pens over canvas, paper, wood, and cloth in weeks, gradually over months, in hours, or in minutes.  I can paint in silence, to the noise […]

Paint Me in 150 Minutes

On Saturday, August 25th (2012), I had the amazing opportunity to participate in Vermont’s own original quirky brewery Magic Hat’s Wall to Canvas live art competition.  I was set up among 11 other selected artists, under tents, in front of […]

Boston, 2012.

Deer for Frank, 2011 (sold).

Church St, 2012 (sold).

Maple, 2011.

Apples, 2011.