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The Spring of Snow

This past spring marks my LAST semester of my Masters of Social Work Program, which translates into many hours typing on my laptop, highlighting articles, and trying to keep my eyes from dropping closed during lectures. I have also had […]

December 2014 Painting & Tenino

2014 Retrospective

I am a nerd when it comes to reflection.  Similar to my OCD obsession with lists, I yearn to look back and accomplishments (as well as those things not yet achieved).  I also aim to set new lists in place […]

A Winter in Paint

Vermont’s recent snowstorm has left a coated white across all branches, hanging pine needles, and exposed surface of nature.  Road signs are covered and the sides of trees show evidence of where the wind has blown (flakes stick to the […]

VBT: Vermont Bicycling and Walking Vacations Winter Card 2014

This winter I was privileged with the honor to create the 2014 Vermont Bicycling and Walking Tours (VBT) holiday card.  After a visit to their beautiful yellow barn in Bristol, Vt while the green leaves were still luscious and the […]

Collaborative Wedding Invitations with Christa Alexandra

On the collaboration with Vermont’s Christa Alexandra for my wedding invitation: These invitations are a dream.  Since I am an artist and so much of my identity is woven with my artistic side, I have always envisioned and hoped that […]

Magic Hat “Wall to Canvas” 2014!

Painting brings an unchartered experience of multiple sensory engagement.  When you paint live in front of an audience, the additional layer of performance, of show, and of being an art piece yourself all become new components.  Despite how loud I […]

New Beginnings for 2014 Ahead

The New Years beginning is always a tricky start: in the middle of Vermont winters, subzero windchill, always making plans, trying to achieve that perfect evening, and attempting to awake without a hangover. Painting is sometimes like that…best to enjoy […]

New Works

When I enlisted, I heard several reactions regarding my decision because I am an artist. “But you are an artist,” someone said, “I wouldn’t picture you as a soldier.”  (As if one cannot be fierce and a creator.)  And then […]

No paintings here

Painting is my survival mode. However, in the busy day to day and in the hectic grand life changes, painting can be my first to go.  I am packing my car, moving, and swearing under my breath about my loath […]

Farewell to the Year

  Whenever you create art, you are unconsciously giving.  Whether you paint or drag a pencil across a piece of paper, hammer nails into wood or spin the pottery wheel.  Whether you physically provide someone else with your artwork or […]