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The Art of (RAW) Pigment

I spent my gorgeous, ideal weathered Saturday creating artistic studies of man-made color swatches juxtaposed against the true natured hues of organic fruits and vegetables. Imagine not having to decipher food labels or having to stay strong against multi-million dollar […]

The Marks of Migration, 2010.

Acrylic paint, paper, embroidery thread, and buttons.  5′ x 3′. Price available upon request. The following painting was created in response to my studies of the agricultural and land history within Vermont.  My own family’s farm, which is no longer, […]

Wood Ducks, 2007.

Acrylic, leaves, feathers, and bark on canvas.  28” x 34 1/2 SOLD

Snow Goose, 2005-2007.

Acrylic on canvas.  24” x 36” Prices available upon request

Turkey, 2006.

Acrylic, bark, and feathers on canvas. 25” x 42” Prices available upon request


Maple Leaf

Winter Scene


Camel’s Hump