Paint Me in 150 Minutes

Swag, courtesy of the folks at the Magic Hat Artifactory

On Saturday, August 25th (2012), I had the amazing opportunity to participate in Vermont’s own original quirky brewery Magic Hat’s Wall to Canvas live art competition.  I was set up among 11 other selected artists, under tents, in front of a blank 4’x4’ canvas, with 2 ½ hours to create a complete painting, to be auctioned in the afternoon.  Half of the proceeds of the auction benefit the Shelburne Craft School.

Artists’ tents (I was placed in the middle tents)

My set up


As I stated: I was timed to 2 ½ hours of working time. The best way to recap and reflect on the event is to give myself 2 ½ minutes to write…here I go:


Speeding fingers are typing.  I am not as nervous writing as I was prior to the event…not so much nervous, but excited and anxious.  Sitting my butt on the asphalt parking lot, while staring at a white square on a custom-made wooden easel for over an hour before being able to attack it, made me restless.  Painting calms me.  I knew that once I started dripping pigment down that fabric, I’d be fine.  The people around me made me a bit jumpy, however…watchers, photos being taken constantly, a video camera in my face, fingers pointing, tickets dripping in my voting box, exhilaration: sewing (and their faces when I whipped out a needle and thread) when everyone around me was shaking their spray paint cans.  I was the only female competing.  I wore my leopard print shirt and had bright red fingernails.  I painted my ass off, wiping away sweat that was soaring down my forehead, with my arm.  I danced around in black ballet flats in my little space, careful not to spill my water, step on dropped brushes, or on tubes of paint.  Holding my palette in one hand, while balancing a container of water on it, paint brush in my mouth, paint pens in my pocket…TIME!!


Full access


A toast in the beginning (I drank like 4 sips during the entire competition…way to busy…way too dehydrated…but I downed a cold H.I.P.A. once the clock timed)

Beginning marks



Almost at the end…

Stitching the canvas with thread


I am grateful for all that was yesterday: the 89 degree late-summer sun, conversing with onlookers, the live music from the DJs, the delicious beer, dancing as I painted and then remembering that I was being watched by hundreds of people, my little painting helpers, representing my lady artists, representing Burlington, selling the work for a generous amount at the auction and contributing to Shelburne Craft School, and earning 2nd place (behind the winner by only 4 votes)!  I had no expectations of such an outcome.  All I planned was to render Church Street, paint geese, sew, and share my free painting process to all of the incredible people who came to watch…y’all kick ass! Congrats, Jon Young!!


150 Minutes


Select works ready for auction

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