Paint, Repeat, Paint, Repeat.



Satisfaction can be a difficult goal to obtain or achieve.  But, must pleasure, happiness, and gratitude arise while forming a painting and upon the finishing of such work?  May there be artworks, which press you to frustration, boredom, self-doubt, and uncertainty?  Perhaps a balance of flow and of the battle is the real truth.  Those moments of fighting against something that normally occurs at ease can rattle one’s rhythm and energy.  But determination perseveres.  Paintbrushes are washed like dished in the sink once, sometimes twice a day.  Paint tube begin to shrink and shrink.  Images appear on the canvas and disappear within minutes.  Old ideas fade to new hopes.



What began as a rooster and a chicken, against chalkboard black background layers, surely became two robins against a yellow ochre washed white background behind layers of pen work and embroidered stitches from colorful threads.  Each day I took a new risk.  I tried to like the paintings.  I struggled because I wanted to enjoy the process while having a strict deadline and finished product satisfaction in mind.  That was my mistake.  Motivating myself by means of the final product killed my natural process.  But I continued to paint and paint, stitch, draw, and step back to gain perspective.  I think that I like the paintings now.






I suppose I better like them—I am hanging them at the Shelburne Farms’ Art at the Coach Barn 2012 exhibit this week.  The opening reception is Friday, October 19th.  I’ve been starring at these birds for one long-lived transformation and in the very least, I will certainly miss seeing them on my easel in my living room, wondering just what to do next…




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