“Winter is the time for comfort…it is the time for home.”  – Edith Sitwell

Snowflakes.  Hot cider.  Railroad insulator glass jars illuminated by holiday lights.  Corn husk angels.  Gaudy old ornaments from great aunts mixed with falling apart crafted ornaments from childhood.  Frozen toes after sledding.  Pine-cones, glitter, hot glue guns, metallic pipe-cleaners, and French-Canadian meat pies.

The holidays: clearly, the seasonal experience, the memories, the stories, and the crafts of the time are what bring a smile to my face.  I could avoid the bumper to bumper traffic, chaotic malls, and elusive man in the red suit.

I will, instead, sit down on a chilly afternoon and hand write cards to as many people as I can.

Try it- you’ll brighten up any day.  A card and a stamp offer a minimal investment in reaching out to someone and welcoming the New Year.

All of my winter cards are available at select local stores (Frog Hollow, Healthy Living, Indigo Salon, AppleMountain, Shelburne Meat Market in Williston, Adams Farm Market…), on my Etsy site (http://www.etsy.com/shop/siennafontaine) or my emailing me.  Any design combination, any number.

I was 19 when I printed my first run of card designs.  Some of my most favored paintings come from that initial set.

Winter Cow

I painted this while seated at my parent’s dinner room table, in one sitting, without awareness of time or of surroundings.  I absolutely love this card for the colors, for the peaceful barnyard iconography, which is no longer within my reality.



Chesterwas painted on a hot July afternoon.  The description on the back of the card hints towards the context of the creation, but I can still remember sitting on a screened in porch, while envisioning the ground covered in a layer of flakes.


Camel’s Hump

The mountain range hosting Camel’s Hump is notorious inVermont.  I am fortunate to have awakened each morning to a view of this icon in my bedroom window as a child.  No matter where I am, I seem to use Camel’s Hump as a landmark navigation tool.  What a beauty.


Les Bebes

I am infatuated with Canada geese.  I have a formation of geese tattooed on my back.  I’m that crazy.  But there is something about the journey, devotion, and elegance of their travels, which fully grasps my attention.


Winter Mountain View

I must have at least 4 different versions of this painting (or of this exact view).  Crunchy snow.  Contrasting shadows.  A sleeping field.


Winter Field

Touches of sunlight on the snow.  Frozen fence posts.  This is a nostalgic view, a repeated subject of my paintings, a memorable rendition.



I don’t ski.  I was born inVermont.  I’ve lived inColorado.  I don’t ski…but I love the mountains and I love the snow covered peaks and I love the rhythm of a skier meandering down a trail.  This is for them.



Sap runs in the spring but remnants of the past season’s tapings sometimes remain in the snowy woods across the winter months.  Typically there is snow during the first days of sugaring as well.  Metal sap buckets areNew England, pure and simple.



Coho was one handsome cat.  With 6 toes on each front paw, he was quite the killer but he was also a total lover.  I think that his Main Coon nature inspired his long adventures in the woods and in the snow…he’s still out there somewhere trekking.

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