No paintings here


Painting is my survival mode.

However, in the busy day to day and in the hectic grand life changes, painting can be my first to go.  I am packing my car, moving, and swearing under my breath about my loath for such a chore, and my paintings practice is months away, in an unknown location, waiting…

In the first few months of 2013, I have already moved once.  And I am packing, again.  And will be, again, in the end of the summer.  And my paintings are still in bubble wrap.

Boxed again

But I went into the basement today and I dug out some watercolor paper and I tapped it up and I found reference photographs.  For a few minutes, the process felt familiar.  For a few minutes, I forgot that I was preparing my paintings on cardboard boxes.


Thankfully I have a couple of paintings that I need to do for friends, otherwise my brushes would remain dry.  Even in my survival I cannot justify creating more work, knowing that I will only be adding weight to boxes soon to be moved.

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