New Beginnings for 2014 Ahead

The New Years beginning is always a tricky start: in the middle of Vermont winters, subzero windchill, always making plans, trying to achieve that perfect evening, and attempting to awake without a hangover.

Painting is sometimes like that…best to enjoy the process, release high expectations, and get dirty.

To end 2013, I mailed a large canvas painting (commemorating the Church Street Magic Hat painting from 2012) down to Florida.  At lease the painting rang in the New Year in warm weather.

Church Street- acrylic on canvas (36″ x 48″) for a wonderful Florida couple!

Up Close Church Street

I also began and completed an 8 painting series of birds, wing diagrams, and labeled bird illustrations.  This series will show at Healthy Living in South Burlington in March-April, 2014. (Images will arrive then).

Prep of Bird Series, 2014

Just yesterday, I completed the M4 painting.  Working in multiple shades of gray and squinting my eyes while looking at the weapon to determine each change of surface, shadow, and shape in the composite.

M4 Painting, 2014

Celebrating all those goals accomplished…I am still painting amongst the studying, reading, memorizing, marching…

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