Magic Hat “Wall to Canvas” 2014!

Painting brings an unchartered experience of multiple sensory engagement.  When you paint live in front of an audience, the additional layer of performance, of show, and of being an art piece yourself all become new components.  Despite how loud I play music in my studio, I cannot recreate the energy at South Burlington, Vermont’s Magic Hat “artifactory.”  The vibes (I cannot find any other appropriate word to convey the spark of feeling) at the event are infectious.  Drinking a full coffee prior to the DJ spinning may not have been needed.

Canvas Prep

Canvas Prep: One of twelve artists…still get giddy seeing my name up there!

This was my second time having the opportunity to participate in the event and I went for it all today…I painted a detailed scene of Burlington’s water front (view approaching from the water).  ONLY 2 1/2 hours of painting in action…then…auction…time to express gratitude to the crowd…and breathe…

I love this work.

Sienna Fontaine (myself) working at it

Sienna Fontaine (myself) working at it

In Process

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