Collaborative Wedding Invitations with Christa Alexandra

On the collaboration with Vermont’s Christa Alexandra for my wedding invitation:

These invitations are a dream.  Since I am an artist and so much of my identity is woven with my artistic side, I have always envisioned and hoped that I could be a part of the creation of wedding invitations.  I do, however, recognize the limitations of my resources and ideas.  Therefore, the opportunity to work with Christa offered immense inspiration, brainstorming, and creativity.  We spoke the same language throughout the process so where she desired images from me, I was able to create, and what suggestions or ideas I needed from her, she was able to implement.  She took off from where my images landed.

The paintings used in the suite were all created throughout this collaborative process.  I asked Christa what I may be able to do, I wrote my ideas to her, and we sent images/proofs back and forth.  The final works blew me away.  The way that Christa incorporated flowers from the paintings onto the text showed her incredible attention towards creating a cohesive, yet detailed, look.

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I advise couples to think of a few common themes or aesthetic personalities and then search around for inspiration.  If you Google “Wedding invitations” you will be sitting at the computer for days and end up more confused.  In addition, ask questions with the professional you are working with.  Asking questions does not show weakness but is the single best method of learning and of getting what you really desire. Lastly, trust the expertise and experience of the person making your invitations.  Look at their past work but also ask about future ideas.  The whole idea of a custom invitation is that it has NOT been created yet.  It does not physically exist.  But when you decide on the general broad characteristics and refine towards the small details, step by step, in conversation and collaboration with someone, you will get there.

Our wedding suite.


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