A Winter in Paint

Vermont’s recent snowstorm has left a coated white across all branches, hanging pine needles, and exposed surface of nature.  Road signs are covered and the sides of trees show evidence of where the wind has blown (flakes stick to the areas where shadows would form).

I have nestled in my home with the opportunity of creating pieces of artwork for customers near and far away.  I seldom get as excited as I do when I am working on multiple paintings at the same time: a sketch on this one, base layers of paint on the next, and adding final details to the other.  Sometimes the layering of paint invites space in between and what better thing to fill that space than the continuation of painting on a sister piece.  The dance lives on.

These pieces are an invitation from my clients (friends, family, and people to be known) to enter that intuitive practice where the brush leads my actions.  These are the days when I feel lucky as hell to be able to devote my time to doing something I hold so much passion about and to send them off to coasts of the United States and beyond to live lives on walls in homes I will never see.

Shayna’s Bacon for Colorado

Bacon for Colorado.

Cropped Image of Bluejay and Cardinals for Mass.

Cardinals for Massachusetts.

(the rest are holiday gifts for client’s loved ones so no preview is given)

 A beautiful rustic home for Pennsylvania.

A rendering of Lake Champlain’s red rocks for California.

Mount Mansfield and Mount Rainier for Vermont.

A rustic Adirondack chair porch garden view for Vermont.

Always with my kitty helpers.

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