The Art of (RAW) Pigment

I spent my gorgeous, ideal weathered Saturday creating artistic studies of man-made color swatches juxtaposed against the true natured hues of organic fruits and vegetables.

Imagine not having to decipher food labels or having to stay strong against multi-million dollar marketing campaigns urging you (through color, text, product placement, packaging, etc) to buy a refined food?  Imagine focusing on color, size, shape, feel, texture, and smell.  It would be as if creating a painting on a plate.  Imagine a café where you tell the chef the colors you would like on your plate.  The chef would then use your color palette and create a dish.  What an artistic process that would be!  Blood red you say? We wouldn’t need a chemist in a lab concocting red dye #40; we would simply need ripe strawberries, red peppers, and deep burgundy beets.  My intent with blogging, researching, writing, and creating using raw foods, is to educate and draw attention to the health benefits of whole foods (I am not trying to convince or preach a total raw food conversion). But, I do want people to wake up, question the current state of our food supply, reach out to their local farmers, buy local, and to prepare food with mindfulness.

My contemplation of food and hue/pigment/color lead me to drive to the local hardware store and grab a handful of various paint swatches.  Perhaps I looked as if selecting options for an entire house but I was intently selecting swatches, which either were named after a fruit or vegetable or whose color reminded me of a fruit or vegetable.  The following studies explore my interest in manmade and “fake” compared to natural and “pure.”  I find that our society has strong associations and opinions based on false advertising.  And by false advertising I mean the created representations of an experience with nature: fake flavors, food dyes, etc.   For example: I claimed to hate cherries for as long as I can remember because the only memory I had of anything cherry was the flavored cough syrup.  How many of us are deterred to turn to nature because of a similar frivolous factory made repulse?  The following photographs show paint swatches being juxtaposed against fruits and vegetables in the evening autumn setting sunlight.

The images included are photographs of my artistic healing/healthful  process.

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  1. Trish

    Hi Sienna,
    This reminds me of some work we did in Florida – we used paint swatches and compared them to scarlet ibis feathers when we were capturing the birds…not sure what ended up with that, it had something to do with the quality of the food they were eating– but the fruit and veggies are very artistic and creative.

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