Saturated Autumn Leaves Kiss the Cloudy Skies

When I lived in Colorado the only thing (well…the most noticable thing) that I missed from Vermont were the changing leaves of Autumn.  The yellow hues of the Aspen trees could only touch upon the vibrant experience I am used to when the calendar shifts from September into October.   Each car ride becomes like a stroll in a museum- forever inspiring and breathtaking.  I absolutely love the last burst of flame like reds and florescent orange before the leaves release their grip from the cold branches.  The contrast of both the bright blue fall sky and the deep grey rainy days against the rich, luscious warm pigments of the leaves has the power to make any of my routine days into fulfillment.

I was recently a part of my best friend’s wedding, which was held at the Bolton Ponds, in Bolton, Vermont. Despite the flooding from immense downpour in the valley, we were able to dance around the reflections of red, orange, and yellow.  So…

Casey and Brett's Wedding within a Vermont Fall

Roaring Mountains

I came home and painted.

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