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The Essence of the Fine Art of Hockey Skating

The Essence of the Fine Art of Hockey Skating, acrylic, primer, glazing medium, fabric paint, puff paint, and polyurethane on canvas, 24” x 36,” 2010.

Steps 1-3:

Hire carpenter neighbor John to create Vermont made custom stretcher frame. Stretch thick smooth canvas.  Gesso and re-Gesso canvas until thick and heavy.  Paint Titanium white,  layer with metallic finish, and paint white again.

Step 4:

View film of local college hockey game (University of Vermont 2-2 tied game v. Merrimack on October, 30th, 2010). Make notes of skater’s positions and view movements in slow motion to capture the path of skaters on the ice.

Step 5:

Measure rink lines with appropriate ratio and composition onto canvas.  Tape canvas guidelines.  Paint rink lines.

Step 6:

Apply glazing mixture over canvas in order to create the illusion of ice (“Mad Dog” rubber- like house primer and glaze).  Apply  multiple layers in the direction that a Zamboni would sweep the ice.

Step 7:

Sketch pattern of skaters.

Step 8:

Use mixture of various mediums in squeeze-paint container to create following skating pattern upon the “rink”  (one color per each play).

Sep 9:

Paint netting effect on sides of canvas.

Step 10:

Seal with water-based satin polyurethane.

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