Welcome December

December has appeared out of nowhere it seems.  I feel as if it were only yesterday when I was running through the woods.  Perhaps I continue to be surprised at the calender because the air outside is not quite bitter enough, the snow is absent from the ground, or perhaps I have simply been so busy creating art, starting a new (amazing!) job, and delivering my winter card selections that I am just now finding time to reflect.

Either way, I greatly welcome December so far with craft sales in Richmond and Hinesburg, donation auction for the Vermont Food Bank, art exhibit/show at The S.P.A.C.E. Gallery on Pine St. in Burlington, holiday card orders from incredible local businesses, and the end of my 3rd Goddard Graduate semester.

I enjoy the winter months but December has a special feel to it- at night time I can inhale the scent of pine and relax by the wood stove.  I can also use the frigid temperatures as an excuse to stay in my warm bed just a few minutes longer and I can brainstorm meaningful and LOCAL gifts to give to my friends and family.  The sharing and the creating come to a height at the end of the year…in time for the fresh ideas and new beginnings of the whiteout month of January.

Please consider both donations as well as local, eco-friendly, and artful products for your holiday excursions to the markets, malls, and cyberspace.

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