Of the Magnificent



The following series manifest in a two day celebration of arm dancing mark making.  The background yellow strokes are constant throughout my canvas works but my instinctual palette is that of bright, bold, and vibrant hues.  Rarely do I utilize a monochromatic color scheme.  However, the spectrum from black to white is nostalgic of old photographs and of times when the days appeared simpler; when witnessing the flight of birds was magnificent.


Stitched Owl Feathers

There were times when lofting among air currents was fascinating to men.  Days when inventors ran off the edge cliffs, while imitating the actions of birds.  Congested blacktop runways and numerous aisle seats later; we are less impressed by the act of flying.  Like many aspects of life- familiarity breeds acceptance and normalcy.  If we gawked at each soaring airplane or at every rising bird, we would forever be undulated with the task.  However, acknowledging the simple miracles of the everyday is a valuable practice.



I often forget how much I love painting.

“But you are a painter!” you say.



I am an artist-who paints-but I do not paint everyday.  I have a “day job” (albeit a creative one) but I am away from my brushes and my palettes on a consistent basis.  Seldom do I provide myself the opportunity to paint for hour after hour, day after day, as I did the past weekend.  Art show deadline, or not, I thoroughly relish the realm of creative action- where time seems to stand still and my thoughts become a trance of intuition.  Simultaneously creating 5 paintings made me feel as if I were a conductor of an orchestra: from dabbing my hand in the rendering of a chicken for a few minutes, to adding the touch of a long feather of a goose, and then dripping watery tracks on the canvas of a robin.  Perhaps (and most likely) my loud music and dancing feet enhanced the process.  Though I am a painter, I still am constantly astounded by the act.  The imagery of birds are an unswerving presentation throughout my art, yet, the more that I observe their movements, the more they siren me into further exploration.

Mother Goose/Earth

Stitched Goose Feather

A Stitch for Memories (Robin)


The paintings will be hanging at the front end of Healthy Living Natural Foods Market, by the Customer Service desk and registers until mid- August.

“Crow” 16″ x 12″ Acrylic paint, Canada goose feather, and thread. $150

“A Stitch for Memories (Robin)” 16″ x 12″ Acrylic paint, chalk pastel, birch bark, and thread. $150 (SOLD)

“Owl” 36″ x 12″ Acrylic paint, charcoal, owl feathers, and thread. $250

“Mother Goose/Earth”  60″ x 36″ Acrylic paint, charcoal, Canada goose feathers, and thread. $675

“Chicken” 36” x 24”            Acrylic paint, charcoal, rooster feathers, and thread. $250


Robin- birch bark detail.

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