Places on Canvas

San Francisco on Canvas

Burlington's Church Street

Wherever we are, we are always here.  The buildings may differ, the sun may set on an unfamiliar horizon, and the people may talk with a slightly unrecognizable tone, but we are always somewhere and everywhere.  Places may appear separate but places are all a space in which we exist.  They are of the same essence.

Traveling affords me an escape from my routine and accustomed sights and sounds.  Though I walk and dance, think and talk, and write and paint, in like rhythms from one locale to the next, slight shifts occur in the representation of my experiences.  I recreate the different buildings upon the unfamiliar horizons where people, whom I have yet to know, cook with regional flavor; they dance, sing, speak, and laugh in subtly varying ways (I have just returned from a trip to New Orleans…can you tell?).

Those who do not buy my paintings inspire my work as much as those who do.  And so I have blended my most recent commission subject (of a cityscape skyline) with my most recent love (traveling).  In a reflection of seven of my most favored cities, I created a series of acrylic, ink, marker, and charcoal works.

Burlington, Vermont’s Church St: 18” x 24”

New York City: 16” x 20”

Denver, Colorado: 12” x 16”

Boston: 10” x 20”

San Francisco: 12” x 16”

Florence, Italy: 14” x 18”

Montreal, Canada: 18” x 24”

The mentioned paintings will be on display at Healthy Living Market in the front end of the store (behind the Customer Service counter) for the month of April.


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