30 Paintings

Sketch from 2006 of figure model (inspiration for paintings 1-12)

I enjoy the neurotic about painting.  I love a deadline and I strive for a high-energy production window of loud music and mass creation.  However, regardless of the façade of structure, my approach of applying pigments is anything from rigid.  The works that I live for are those, which are more fun to create, and are not always those whose final image may be “successful” (whatever that means, anyway).


I have 3 upcoming art exhibits beginning in July until November.  I am overly excited to paint 30 new paintings for these venues.  All I know are the locations of the shows, the approximate number of paintings and the general theme I want to explore for each, including: the human form and inspiration from a past figure drawing practice, gluttonous food and beer/wine, and Vermont landscapes/farms.  Though both the subject matter and the media will vary, the process and the anticipation are unified.  I cannot f-ing wait until I receive my new wooden stretchers.


I’m giddy in love with the drive to begin these 30.

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