Bring Home the Bacon!

I like the sizzle.  Think of act of painting in terms of cooking bacon: you begin with a raw product, which is a bit useless until you set it against heat or fire.  The crackling pops dominate the air and the intoxicating smells arrest your senses.

Painting Prep

Painting should be like preparing a damn Sunday breakfast—a big enough one that leaves you satisfied and happy for hours to come.


Indecisiveness does not belong in my kitchen and it does not belong in my paintings.


When I sought out to create 30 new paintings during the summer, I was giddy with butterfly excitement.  However, stating a goal is the easiest part.  Despite having formed the themes of each exhibit, I quickly became resistant to my first show’s subject matter of the human figure.  I never eat something that I do not want to eat.  What is the point?  So, why paint bodies if all I’d want to do would be to swear at each canvas and reach for another bottle of wine (I’d be beyond the glass by then…).


I had painter’s block—I ordered stretcher frames, gesso’d canvases, prepped each background, and then gave into temptation.  Why not resist to the fatty goodness of what is calling you?  Local breakfast meat or painting birds…it’s all the same.  Instead of looking like a crazy cat lady, my apartment presents the case of a bird-obsessed artist.  For some freakin’ reason, these animals captivate my attention.  I am not a birder, mind you.  I could not identify a cardinal call from a robin from a finch.  But, I love to watch birds and I most absolutely love to paint them.

Robin Base Coat

My Memere (Grandmother, French) was a bird lady right down to the act of wearing patterns of them on her clothing and collecting porcelain figurines, which made their way into every nook of her home.  Painting robins is a tribute to her.  Once I gave in to my desire to create a series of 10 paintings of robins, I took a big bite and enjoyed the process…or…rather, I am enjoying the process.

The Process

I currently have all 10 canvases situated throughout my “studio corner” of my living room as they dry in their first draft/base coat/beginning cooking phase.


In a week and a half, they will be presented at Burlington’s The Half Lounge.  I just haven’t quite figured out how to make them smell delicious, yet.

2 Responses to “Bring Home the Bacon!”
  1. shayna

    I can’t wait to dance the night away in Memeres presence.

  2. 06.20.2012

    Of course we will have to go to The 1/2 to see the work hung up and dance!

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