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Pink toenails and inked paintings

The more I paint, the less I think.  Among other subjects, the act of painting and the role of witness—and who plays said role— were integral to my graduate studies.  Despite trying to pretend that a component of my goal was to complete specific paintings, I was (and continue to be) compelled more by the act of painting as the product itself.  I’ve written numerous blogs (so I’ll spare you the preaching) and countless pages in my thesis (who is really going to ever read that anyway?) regarding such discourse, but I can’t seem to let it go.  This very well could be my coping mechanism for missing school.

In progress

Yet, the more I paint, the less I think.  The less I think about what I am doing in order to reach a certain something.  You may say: “Intuition is taking over!”  Yes, there is a fluid sense of familiarity and knowingness.  However, I am proposing that my thought process still exists.  Merely, the thoughts have shifted: I feel each brush stroke, I scan the canvas and make marks where they are needed, and I intentionally bleed, wash, and push pigment around.  Those movements are precisely what I love.  Honestly, sometimes I feel as if my paintings look like shit after I am done.  In those cases, I probably just needed to paint in a therapeutic sense and it matters not what results, but only that I painted.

I paint on the floor, usually

‘Tis better to paint than to grab another glass of wine…usually…


I have over 40 paintings on my walls in my 1-bedroom apartment.  Therefore, creating more final products is not a necessity.  In fact, I am now painting over several older paintings.  Engaging in the creative process of painting is essential to my sanity.  There have been years in my life when I did not paint.  There have been months when I did not grasp a brush or a pencil.  Like playing a sports game, going for a run, listening to loud music, or eating a delicious meal…once it’s complete, done, gone, or eaten, it no longer physically exists…but in the moment the experience is oh-so-fine.


I paint alone and I always find the displaying of my work to be a partial truth, with the most important images forever hidden.  The documentation of the process of the robin paintings, among other series and individual paintings, which I have completed, is becoming routine.  As the witness, you may not care to see the bare structure upon which the birds emerged.  You may not like to see the previous “unfinished” pieces.  You may not care…but I’ve shared them with you, woops.

This is as planned as it gets

Early birds

AND, I still want you to check the paintings out in person, so get your ass down to the Half Lounge at 136 ½ Church St in Burlington, Vt. during the month of July.



“Be Bold”

Pink toenails and finished paintings

“Create” complete






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