Meet the Meat

Serious Steak

Julia Child openly admits: “The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook,” while I do not know what she references to as “diet food,” I do love my vegetables (and I love my steak).  However, she also urges us to: “Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it,” for that I can only nod my head in complete agreement.

Serious Drip

Thoughts of ripe buttery avocados and the aroma of a local, fresh steak grilling outside make me excited.  Likewise, the dry base coat on a canvas makes me so antsy that I cannot sit still.  Combining multiple loves results in bliss.  Painting the butchery series began as a spontaneous and energized idea.  I did not know what I would be painting: bloody meat cuts, cooked meats with grill marks, diagrams of the process of butchery, multiple animal meats, or wild game meats?  Thankfully my artistic process is one of the few areas of my life where I show up and let go.  I do NOT sketch paintings prior, I do not have a specific desired final image, I do not box myself into one material or one style, and I definitely do not form any harsh opinions on the work, regardless of how awful I may want to think it is becoming.

Serious Series

Embarking upon a series is my new favorite thing to do: priming and setting up 10 or so canvases across my tiny living room and jumping from one painting to the next to the next to another is reviving my joy in the process of painting (that LIVE aspect and dance).

Serious Prep

My butchery series is progressing.  Although I have signed my name and the date on the bottom right hand corner of multiple canvases, I do not feel as if I have necessarily finished any of them.  Diagrams of basic meat cuts displaying multiple animals, illustrations of the chicken with bones, writings of recipes a la Julia Child, detailed pig text book renderings, and others now decorate the floors of my apartment.  The blackboard surface of the canvases produces a surface so smooth, I feel as if I am painting on butter…or sliding a searing grass-fed steak on the bottom of a hot hot pan.

Serious Cut

In addition to the paintings for Red Square, I am approaching the end of my Robin series, which was at the Half Lounge, I am planning 2 new paintings for a show at Shelburne Farms in the fall, and I was just accepted as a participating artist in Magic Hat Brewery’s Wall to Canvas competition.  To say that I am super giddy with excitement for ALL of these opportunities, would be an understatement.  I am, in fact, utterly happy that I am able to have these invitations in which to paint.

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