Thank You! Thank You!

There were close to 40,000 in circulation (20 or more of which are in my apartment, 1 in my car, 5 at my parent’s house, 2 at my desk, 1 to be framed, 2 to send in the mail, 1 […]

“Winter is the time for comfort…it is the time for home.”  – Edith Sitwell Snowflakes.  Hot cider.  Railroad insulator glass jars illuminated by holiday lights.  Corn husk angels.  Gaudy old ornaments from great aunts mixed with falling apart crafted ornaments […]

Paint, Repeat, Paint, Repeat.

  Satisfaction can be a difficult goal to obtain or achieve.  But, must pleasure, happiness, and gratitude arise while forming a painting and upon the finishing of such work?  May there be artworks, which press you to frustration, boredom, self-doubt, […]

Here we go again

I can paint: birds, people, landscapes, abstract marks, and animals with acrylic, ink, watercolor, and pens over canvas, paper, wood, and cloth in weeks, gradually over months, in hours, or in minutes.  I can paint in silence, to the noise […]

Paint Me in 150 Minutes

On Saturday, August 25th (2012), I had the amazing opportunity to participate in Vermont’s own original quirky brewery Magic Hat’s Wall to Canvas live art competition.  I was set up among 11 other selected artists, under tents, in front of […]

Meet the Meat

Julia Child openly admits: “The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook,” while I do not know what she references to as “diet food,” I do love my vegetables (and I love […]

TAG: You’re the Witness

The more I paint, the less I think.  Among other subjects, the act of painting and the role of witness—and who plays said role— were integral to my graduate studies.  Despite trying to pretend that a component of my goal […]

Bring Home the Bacon!

I like the sizzle.  Think of act of painting in terms of cooking bacon: you begin with a raw product, which is a bit useless until you set it against heat or fire.  The crackling pops dominate the air and […]

30 Paintings

I enjoy the neurotic about painting.  I love a deadline and I strive for a high-energy production window of loud music and mass creation.  However, regardless of the façade of structure, my approach of applying pigments is anything from rigid.  […]

When a Painter Moves

When a painter moves, the pigment follows… Once again, my life is in boxes.  Acrylic paints are in an empty cardboard wine box, water color paints are in an old plastic storage bin, and my paintbrushes are in the drawer […]